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Welcome to the India’s best astrologer for Visa solutions!

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We are one of the India’s top astrology service providers with the proper and exact solutions. We can help everyone in getting visa astrology solution by checking your horoscope and also the positions of the plants & stars. These are the main obstacles in getting a visa for temporary or permanent settlement in the abroad countries.


Our teams of astrologers are experts in getting into the science of planets and stars astrology to find the problems in obtaining your visa and suggest the proper solutions. We know to provide exact advice in making a right decision on any problem of immigration and visas.


At Global astrology services, we are very popular in India for providing high quality and instant astrology solutions for your visa problems. Our astrologers are using the deep astrology science to get a visa.

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Solutions for visa problems:

We also provide several astrological treatment options to reduce the negative effects of the adverse positions of the planets and stars for the particular’s birth chart. We will also do Mantra prayers and provide Yantra to achieve the good combinations of stars to easily and quickly get visa for your dream country.


Are you encountering any problems related to your abroad travel? Is there any delay in getting visa document? Don’t worry we are here to help you in providing the most suitable astrology solutions for all your visa problems.

The best astrologer for visa solution in our Global astrology services is using the historically proven positions of planets and stars to give the positive effects in getting the visa. We are doing the in depth astrological analysis to diagnose the exact reason for delay in getting the visa and your foreign trip.

Our astrologers will also give details about the best time to apply for the visa, right time to go abroad, and more. In your birth chart, the 8th, 9th, and 12th houses rule your travel to the abroad country because they are associations of the Venus and Mars in these houses.


By this way, we will predict the correct time to apply for the visa and why there is a delay. If you have a thought of going foreign country to work, settle, or any other reason, just come to us with your native birth chart to get the proper solutions for all your visa and emigration problems.