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World Famous Vastu Shastra Specialist Swami Abhimanyu Sharma

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Vastu shastra is a traditional system of architecture of Hindus, which literally translate to “science of architecture.” The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative function of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs. Our Swami Abhimanyu Sharma is the specialist of Vastu Shastra and has a great knowledge about it which make house perfect according to the vastu.


Vastu Shastra can be the cause of Family problem, Financial Problem, Education Problem, Family member relation problem, Marriage problem, Extramarital affairs, husband-wife compatibility problem, lack of intimacy in a newly married couple, and so many problems are present in the today’ s busy life schedule which create in the for individuals.


The Vastu Specialist Swami Abhimanyu Sharma has a marvelous skill of vastu study that removes problems from life and makes a happy peaceful life. For working professionals it is essential to have their working environment in accordance to Vastu shastra where they need to spend more precious hours of their daily life.

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  • Love affairs.
  • Debts and loans.
  • Mental Tension.
  • Ill Health and Vastu Dosh.
  • Failure Vastu.
  • Foreign Trips Vastu.
  • Quarrel and Disputes.
  • Court Cases Vastu.
  • Own Field Development.
  • Property Disputes Vastu.
  • Business Development.
  • Enmity and Vastu.
  • Misunderstanding.
  • Vastu Family Life.
  • Divorce and Vastu.
  • Harassment.
  • Heavy Expenditure.
  • Bad Habits and Vastu.
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Here we are introducing, The World no. 1 Vastu consultant Swami Abhimanyu Sharma who is well known as the veritable services in Vastu shastra and Astrological concepts. Whether, it’s an education, marriage, business, career, love or any other life issue. Swami Abhimanyu Sharma is always with you to worthy in your life in order to make it affluent and strong & fit.


  • Have a Nameplate outside your door: – There is a science behind the idea of having a nameplate outside one’s door. Vastu expert Swami Ji advises people to place a nameplate outside of their home. This indicate ownership of the house and it works in the favors of the owners at it helps trace positivity and good time back to you.
  • Lemons Drives Away the Negativity: – To vamoose away the negativity from your house, just place a lemon in a glass of water. This water needs to be changed every Saturday. This must be done religiously every week.
  • Mirror in bed room: – There should not be any mirrors in the bed room. If you already have a dressing table, you need to cover it with a curtain while sleeping. According to the vastu, it leads to ill health and family sour note.