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Get your comprehensive life report from us!

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We are one of the specialists in predicting the overall life of the human beings which is also known as kundli prediction. We can able to give highly comprehensive range of the life report by making accurate predictions using your zodiac sign, Nakshatra and birth chart.

Our services:

We at Global Astrology Services in India have been providing different range of life prediction services including,

  • Overall life prediction
  • Mangal dosha analysis
  • Current year predictions
  • Vimshotarri Dasha predictions
  • Sade sati analysis
  • Planetary analysis
  • Lal Kitab predictions
  • Transit predictions
  • Gem stones
  • Annual forecast
  • Janampatri Vedic horoscope
  • Janam Kundli
  • Lal Kitab remedies and etc.
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When you are entering your name, gender, date and time of birth, and place of birth, we will provide the best and accurate kundli results of your entire lifespan. We will provide you completely free Kundli Online services for all your life predictions.

We have a team of kundli prediction expert astrologers who will provide all these information accurate for the given details. We will also predict the kundli matchmaking with your details using the unique calculation methods of the birth chart, Rashi, and Nakshatra.

Based on your birth time and date, our astrologers will get to know the positions of the planets and their details to predict your life reports in all aspects. We are following the advanced astrological calculation methods in order to accurately predict your future and provide remedies to your problems.

Free Kundli result without paying any money!

We will provide astrological services to find both the monthly and annual predictions. We will not only predict the future and life of the adults but also predict the future of the newborn.


New born Kundli predictions:

When you want to predict the future of your new born child, you just come to us with the birth time and date of your kid. We will simply predict the future of your little one using the positions of the planets at that particular date and time of birth.
We will also provide you the details of Saade Saati faces in the effective Saade Sati analysis. We will tell you,

  • What dates will you have the Saade Sati in your life?
  • What are al the effects of the Saade Sati on you?
  • What you have to do to reduce the Saade Sati effects?